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This Year's Featured Artists - Michael Bedoya & Christi Bulot


Art, for Heaven’s Sake is pleased to have two featured artists this year!

Michael Bedoya - Painter
Michael Bedoya has been an artist most of his life. He has served the students at Crafton Hills College as an Art Tech for over 20 years and is currently the Gallery Director there as well. Michael's work ranges from large scale abstract paintings to small intimate landscapes. His imagery is often inspired by the beauty of nature he encounters along his trail hikes that he takes almost daily. In his artist's statement Michael says, "The beauty of my abstract work is a singular experience. What I see during the creative process is nearly irrelevant once I hand my vision over to you, the viewer. Your individual unique experience is the gift abstraction gives."

Christi Bulot - Assemblage Artist
After many years of working in the corporate world Christi now gives new life to old found objects, calling her expressions "Salvaged Minutia". Christi tells us, "The journey into the second half of my life has given way to the glorious hunt for unique objects, bits of this, pieces of that for the purpose of artful arrangement and mindful placement." Her gazing balls and assembled boxes are spiritual treasures.

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