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This Year's Participating Artists

Arts - Miscellaneous

Artist Description
Jeff Dennings Jeff Dennings

Stained Glass - Jeff is a retired businessman who spent years building stained glass art as a passive hobby in between his work, traveling, and scuba diving.  While living in Monterey during the 1990’s, Jeff met a renowned local stained glass artist who taught him how to bring his art to life, take advantage of the uniqueness of every piece of glass, and let his imagination and creativity find their way into each piece.  Jeff’s love of the desert, the jungles of Central America, the sea, and the underwater world gave him an immense drawing board from which he finds his inspiration. 

Judy Davies

Judy DaviesFused Glass - Judy Davies is one of the few artists fortunate enough to make their living at art. Her work is installed at hundreds of commercial and private locations throughout California and Nevada and includes fused glass, the fine art of vitreous enameling, monotypes, and stained glass.  Notable work includes a 4 ft. x 12 ft. glass mural commissioned by a client in Los Angeles, signature piece for Dragon Ridge Country Club, Henderson, Nevada, and logo for Gianna's Artisan Bakery products, sold nationwide. Artist’s Statement:  " To me, art is emotion made tangible.  It is a lusty thing - a feeling of needing to see closely or touch - to envelope oneself in what the artist felt when the object was created.  When a person buys art, it is the desire to enhance one's life ..to  own a visible emotion that will become a treasured possession."  

Janet Edwards Janet EdwardsEtchings/ Drawings - Janet is a Redlands artist whose work reflects her love of the natural beauty of California, as well as her respect for sites of historical importance. While working primarily in the etching medium, she is also an accomplished watercolorist, and this style is often reflected in her work.  Many of the etchings include embossing as part of the design.  An active member of the Redlands Art Association, she is currently chair of the RAA endowment fund. Chosen by educational, cultural, and civic organizations to honor dignitaries, professors, musicians, ambassadors and politicians, her work may be seen, in her home studio in Redlands, at the RAA gallery and at Haven Home Essentials in Redlands, in a gallery in Cambria and in Mendocino CA, and one in Yachats, OR.
Candy Glendening Candy Glendening

Fabric - Art Inspired by the color and patterns she sees around her, Candy Glendening is a textile artist who works exclusively with fabrics she dyes herself. With roots in the traditional quilt world, she now explores creating art using this fabric to make art quilts as well as items she calls “Everyday Art”: bags to carry your stuff, silk scarves to drape around your neck, a journal for your doodles or scribbles. Her goal is to fill life with color & pattern that make people happy. She blogs about her artistic adventures here: http://www.candiedfabrics.com/journal/ and can be reached by email: Candy@CandiedFabrics.com.

Margaret Goodward Sondra Hodson

Dimensional Collage - Margaret Goodward has a passion for paper. In college, she studied both art and psychology, working in monoprint, collagraph, blind embossing and hand-papermaking. Today her art making still shows her love for paper. She uses solid papers in brilliant colors to create layered, dimensional collages that abstractly reference both human and natural growth. The works’ artistic foci are positive-negative space, transparency and an active visual balance. The collages are mounted so they appear to “float” in the frame.  Several recent series are on the themes of, “Burning Bushes”, “Stars” (the kind in the sky) “Fans” and the beginning of a new series of flowing, rhythmic  “Ribbons”. In addition, she will offer the new 2010 Mindful Advent Garland.

Sondra Hodson Sondra Hodson

Pine Needle Baskets/Gourds - Using pine needles and gourds Sondra Hodson enjoys creating both decorative and useful art. She creates gourd vessels using design inspirations from ancient cultures all over the world. Her pine needle baskets range in shape from simple pots to large bowls designed with complicated twists. In addition she combines gourds with pine needles to create unique hybrid baskets. She finds creating art from items found in nature to be both challenging and satisfying and a welcome break from her job as a middle school English teacher.

Opal Inman Whimsical Beaded Items
Joyce Johnson Stained Glass
Tom McKenzie Tom McKenzie

Wood - Tom McKenzie, better known in the art world as The Artful Bodger, Professor of  Roundocity, is a life long resident of San Bernardino.  Prior to becoming a Bodger, Tom was a Pharmacist at Redlands Community Hospital for 25 years.  He began turning wood on a Craftsman lathe given to him by an acquaintance in 1982.  His first turned items were Christmas Tree Ornaments.  He soon progressed to making boxes, simple bowls and practical pieces like door stops, needle holders, and bookmarks as well as round boxes and nine different styles of pens and pencils.  Tom is driven by the fact that hidden inside what appears to be an ugly piece of wood lies a beautiful piece with form and usefulness. Currently, he is making pens with new forms and woods, square boxes and inside/outside Christmas ornaments.

Doug Meltzer Doug Meltzer

Pen and Ink – Early interest in the arts led Doug to study music with a goal of becoming a concert pianist.  However, he also was interested in drawing in three-dimensional design driven by his interest in math and drafting.  He gave up his potential musical career to join the Army Air Force and later work in the Aerospace industry.  Perhaps influenced by his engineering background, he began creating geometric line designs in 1994.  Over the years he has developed the skill to produce precise drawings using no drafting tools.  Each original achievement is the product of the freehand technique using only pencil, in and color.  The abstract original concept is influenced by every new line added until completion.

Joanne Ohnemus Joanne Ohnemus

Wood/birdhouses – Each year Joanne Ohnemus selects a theme to present at Art for Heaven’s Sake. This festival gives Joanne the opportunity to put original ideas into structured designs and display them in an environment that enhances their originality. The collection this year features Joanne’s highly coveted birdhouses, garden art, garden signs and planters. The birdhouses are featured at locations throughout Southern California including Roger’s Gardens in Corona Del Mar, Acorn Hollow in Lake Arrowhead and the Riverside Art Museum. Joanne works in all media and also does art assemblages which always include a birdhouse or garden theme. Since 1992, Joanne and her husband Edward have made more than 8,045 birdhouses and each year they add two new designs.

Ellen Schouest Ellen Schouest

Gourds - After focusing on the art of Batik for twenty years, Ellen Schouest discovered ornamental gourd art and became entranced with its three dimensional possibilities.  She is a member of both the California and the American Gourd Society.  At each Art for Heaven’s Sake, Ellen often chooses a theme which involves specific shapes, colors, or use of mixed media [such as when combining gourd pieces with copper &/or wood].  Among her display this year you will see abstracts, whimsical fancy, and creations from the sea. 

Theresa Van Ornum Theresa Van Ornum

Mono-type Mixed - Theresa Van Ornum has been a multi-media artist for the past thirty years. She divides her time between art making in her studio in Albuquerque, New Mexico and an acupuncture practice in Redlands, California. Her current creative focus: Works on Paper which include monotype, pen & ink, photography and mixed media collage. Theresa has been a regular exhibiting artist with Art for Heaven's Sake for 15 years.  This year she will include recent studio works from Florence, Italy.

Rosemary Whitmer Rosemary WhitmerQuilting
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Artist Description
Dorothea Campbell Silver Jewelry – Dorothea grew up on a tea plantation in northern India after which she returned to Scotland to continue her education. She attended the Edinburgh College of Fine Arts where she won the prestigious Student’s Award in sculpture and discovered the joy of working with precious metals.  She then attended Hornsey College of Arts in London where she studied under the renowned Artist-Jeweler Gerda Flockinger.  After graduating, she was inscribed into the Royal Society of Industrial Artists and Designers.  Dorothea’s jewelry has been widely exhibited in the most prestigious galleries throughout the United States.  Her work embraces both the sculptured simplicity of Scandinavia and the raw power of Mapuche and Inca jewelry of South America.
Elizabeth Coviello Elizabeth CovielloJewelry - Blog: bizzilizzi.wordpress.com
Adel Johnson Adel JohnsonJewelry – Adel’s passion for jewelry began when she was about eight or nine years old with a fascination for King Tut.  She recalls pouring over an old National Geographic article for weeks, memorizing every detail of the fabulous jewelry made for the king.  She began making jewelry with an eye toward the classics but with a modern twist, specializing in semi-precious stones and fresh water pearls.  Every year she travels to the “pearl growing” region of China and hand picks the items for her jewelry.
Jennifer Katz Jennifer KatzJewelry– “Primitive silver jewelry – something you might unearth from the ruins of a lost civilization” is how E. Jennifer Katz describes her work. She creates distinctive pieces, incorporating lots of texture, patina and positive energy. A teenager of the 70s, she loved adornments and embellished her jeans and strung beaded necklaces. Her local high school in Manchester, Connecticut afforded her the opportunity to develop silversmith skills. Today, she offers her jewelry through private trunk shows on the east and west coasts.
Ricky Maldonado Ricky MaldonadoJewelry -Ricky Maldonado is well known for his ceramics through out the world. His work is displayed in many museum collections across the United States  as well as in Japan, Taiwan, and Korea. His pieces are made of earthenware. The pieces are mainly coiled, burnished, slip decorated and finally the glaze dots are applied one at a time. Mr. Maldonado's has been making ceramics for over 20 years, his passion for beads has led him to incorporate his ceramics into jewelry. He calls his line of jewelry "Delicious".
Patty Mariano Patty MarianoJewelry - From Scuba Diver to Jewelry Designer: Twenty years traveling around the world and scuba diving in exotic locales have helped to give Patty Mariano her eye for color. The brilliant combinations of colors and textures of a healthy coral reef are present in many of her jewelry designs. Patty’s customers describe her style as "elegant" and "classic, with a punch". She uses various materials including: sterling silver semi-precious and gem stones, wood, bone, and Venetian glass. Patty enjoys creating custom pieces for her clients. A phone call to 909-798-4327 will open the door to a private showing of her entire inventory.
Carol Mayling Carol Mayling

Jewelry - WHO IS CAROLIQUE? Carolique is actually two people. Howard and Carol Mayling, in real life, are a husband and wife team. Carol‘s travels throughout the Southwest, Mexico , and South America have give her a deep interest in ethnic arts. Her sense of color and form helps her create wonderful pieces. Howard comes from a family of artists and jewelers. Together these two have found artistic expression in making unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry from mixed media that includes dichroic fused glass, gold and silver, fiber weaving, and exotic beads. Carol and Howard are committed to quality art that is not only beautiful to look at, but great to wear. http://www.carolique.com/

Wendy Stephens/Michelle Bruny Jewelry
Cap and Peg Strano

Wire Wrapped Jewelry

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Media - Miscellaneaous

Artist Description
Adeola Davies-Aiyeloja

Adeola Davies-AiyelojaPainting/Mixed- Media/Wearable Art - Adeola is a mixed media/ wearable-art artist working with various mediums.  A mostly self taught artist, Adeola  continues to expand her artistic endeavors through various workshops with such noted artists as Ron Prokrasso, Lynne Parella, Jesse Reno, Mary Beth Shaw,   Linda O’Brien and Susan Lenart Kazmer.  Adeola’s ability to create joy, love and positive outlook in her painting is credited to her consistent endurance!  “When you take a look at my paintings or wearable-art you instantly feel the joy and happiness the colors convey.  I am very aware of colors and forms and how they work together to create a visual sensation.  From the beginning composition/design to the final stroke, my work prevails in revealing the complex inner spirits within us”.  Her art is in private and public collections.  Join Adeola on http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/group.php?gid=136045413081942 http://adeolasstudio.blogspot.com

Deb Austin-Brecher Deb Austin-BrecherThreaded Photographs – Born in New York City, Deb moved to California when she was 25.  She has been an elementary school teacher and art specialist in Redlands and Yucaipa.  Having lived in Vienna Austria for a year as a young adult, she discovered a love for traveling which she has been able to use in her art.  The process Deb uses is to print photos that she takes on her travels or around town on fabric and then enhance them with metallic thread.  Deb is a partner in the art business, ArtBurn where she facilitates creative experiences for people of all ages.  One of her favorite quotes is from Twyla Tharp, “Art is the only way to leave home without running away”.
Donna Bamford Donna BamfordMixed Media/3D/Clay - Donna is a mixed media / assemblage artist working with a number of different materials. She began with a strong interest in textiles while attending UCLA. That earlier fascination with heavy textures can been seen in much of her work today.  Her figures have been featured in the Tiffany windows in Beverly Hills and purchased by Arco Oil for gifts to visiting dignitaries. Many of her pieces are in collections through out the United States and Europe.  Her clay masks are often embellished with found metals and are made using a high fire clay or Raku firing.
Fred and Janet Edwards Etching (See Miscellaneous Art)
Evelyn Ifft

Evelyn IfftCollage/assemblage/ Watercolor/fiber art/oil/acrylics -  Evelyn is a native of Pennsylvania, born into a family of artists from both sides.  She has degrees in Commercial Art and Art Education.  After marriage she moved to Redlands in 1963.  She is a part-time professional artist and a retired residential remodeling designer (Ifft Design).   Her artwork reflects her love of nature and landscapes, she strives for impressionistic effects of light and shadow.  She has won numerous awards and commissions for her art, mostly in local venues. She is a member and past president of the Redlands Art Association where her work can be seen in the revolving shows there.  Shown is "innocence".

Zen Olson Zen OlsonWood/Canvas/painting - Zen Olson was raised in the Pacific Northwest and educated in the Military.  In 1985, he married his wife Holly.   Involved in the Art World for about twenty years Zen and Holly use their love for travel to find new ideas for their "Art Work".   They Love multi medium painting and have a passion for art work in wood.  The wood media is usually exotic hard wood from all around the world with an accent, but not limited to the ancient Native American design.
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Artist Description
Leah Balestieri Oil
Sioux Bally Sioux BallyOil, oil pastel, printmaking - For many years Sioux has been a painter in a California-modern style toying with her own unique sense of realism. She works in oil, oil pastel and other painting mediums. Although she studied and excelled in printmaking in college over 30 years ago, most recently she has been re-exploring printmaking (specifically monoprints, monotypes and etching) as a medium of choice. She is also finding that the sensibilities she has developed as a printmaker are affecting her oil painting direction. Her goal is one of simplicity, to create or a moment in time in which form, movement, color and light can connect with the viewer in an unspoken embrace.
Susana Beck Susana BeckWatercolor – Susana uses a journalistic approach to creating art that tells a story about the subject. When she travels, she creates plein air work/sketches and take extensive photography to use while working in her studio. She is currently a member of the Redlands Art Association, the Fine Arts Institute, the Riverside Art Museum, Pen Women and the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. She is  a prolific artist and has an extensive body of work. Her subject matter includes landscapes, seascapes, wildlife, character study portraits, water settings and jewelry. In her youth, she was raised by the sea and feels a deep connection with the colors, movement, light and moods of the ocean. She finds painting to be relaxing and meditative, and this allows her to produce beautiful art. Her studio is located in Redlands, California. Her website, www.susanabeckart.com shows examples of her distinctive sharp focus/impressionist style.
Doug Bowman Doug BowmanOil - Douglas C. Bowman is Professor Emeritus of Religion and Ethics at the University of Redlands, where he spent the last twenty-eight years of his thirty-five year university teaching career Bowman was born and raised in the high Himalayas of north India and considers mountains his best subject matter for painting.  He was taught to paint by his mother, the Canadian artist Louise Bowman who profoundly influenced his way of approaching the subjects he paints when she told him to take a good look at a subject then paint from memory.  All of his paintings are done from memory. Though he long had a love for painting, the world of academia led Bowman away from creating art for fifty years.  Upon his retirement, Bowman resumed painting and has produced over 800 large paintings many of which are in collections in the US, Canada, France and Germany.
Yanick Briat Yanick Briat

Oil - Yanick Briat, a French artist who discovered her passion for painting while taking art classes at Crafton Hills College, has participated in art expositions in California, France, and Japan.  Yanick likes to paint marine landscapes because they remind her of her birth town, but also paints nature and other subjects.   Her paintings represent not so much what she sees, but rather what she feels when she encounters something truly beautiful. She uses pallet knives and oil because she likes to feel the texture of the paint, its richness, its voluptuousness, and how colors combine together to create something new.  She also enjoys working with light because it transforms paintings. Her artwork can be found at www.yanickbriat.com

Jennifer Campbell Jennifer CampbellOil - Jennifer discovered her love for painting in the spring of 2003 when her painting teacher introduced her to oils. Since then, she has been pursuing a career in painting and has explored two main ideas. The first is finding interesting compositions in unexpected places. This includes paintings of uncommon subjects such as water pipes and stairways, as well as traditional subjects painted with a loose technique and intense color. The second main focus shows aspects of life where she lives in California. With both of these concentrations, and with her painting in general, she hopes to enrich people's lives with joy, energy, open-mindedness. campbellcanvas.com
Elizabeth Carr Elizabeth CarrWatercolor/acrylic/ink - Elizabeth Carr is a California artist who has loved art since early childhood. She has been painting since 2003 and enjoys doing abstract and non-objective paintings. She works with several different types of media, such as watercolor, acrylic, ink, collage, and gouache. Prior to becoming an artist, Elizabeth worked with computers for 18 years writing casino software in Las Vegas and Reno. In July 2002, her husband’s job led her to move to San Bernardino. Elizabeth first took a class with Watercolor West’s former president Tom Fong. She has also studied extensively with the former president of the National Watercolor Society, Chris Van Winkle. Over the years she has taken workshops with Gerald Brommer, Ratindra Das and Virginia Cobb. Elizabeth served several years on the board of National Watercolor Society as show director. She currently has several Collage workshops at Melanie Phillips’ studio.
Muriel Dolemieux Muriel DolemieuxAcrylic - Muriel Dolemieux is a French permanent resident and has lived Redlands for seven years.   Her life in Redlands has finally allowed her time to paint using her favorite medium, acrylic.  She enjoys the luminosity and transparency she can get with acrylic and is passionate about the color. She feels art is a synthesis of her personal feelings. Colors and simplicity are my primary goals.  Changing light and shade,  and the moods and colors they create are the foundations of her painting. She especially enjoys painting seascapes, flowers and citrus. In 2008 and 2010 she received a first prize in Citrus theme at the “National Orange Show” in San Bernardino. Dolemieux states, “My painting is figurative. Nature inspires me and is my means of expression to translate emotions and feeling. Nature is beautiful, I don’t try to embellish or transform it, I just see it. Art sanctifies it." Her work can be seen at dolemieux.com
Julie Evans Julie Evans

Watercolor - Julie has always enjoyed drawing and painting.  At age 11 she began painting on a weekly basis.  She studied art from local talent and continues to hone her skills by taking lessons from the Internationally recognized Master Painter David Fairrington.  Each art piece presents its own challenges and creative place to explore- a lifetime study for Julie. Julie has been recognized as a painter of realism.  Her work hangs in many private and public collections including San Bernardino City Hall and San Clemente State Beach Historic Cottage/Visitor Center.  She has illustrated 21 book covers with her watercolor paintings [a 21-book series--The Missions:  California's Heritage (2nd Ed.), by Mary Null Boule].  These books should  be available soon at Barnes and Noble, Borders, and several mission gift shops.  Having always had a deep love of nature, many of Julie’s paintings reflect the beauty she finds in our California landscapes.
Website:  http://www.julieevansart.com/

Brad Faegre Featured Artist
Lindsey Foggett Acrylic - Lindsey Foggett’s future seemed determined from a very early age. Growing up in a small village in the heart of the English countryside, she soon developed a love and fascination for wildlife and nature. Encouraged by two artistically talented parents, her passion to paint and study wildlife was to evolve into a lifelong career. Self-taught, Lindsey paints primarily with acrylic, gouache and oil, and has painted full time since 1982. She works in a natural, detailed style, striving to portray not only realism, but also to capture the mood and personality of the animals. Her art can be seen at http://lindseyfoggett.com/
"Patricia Rose Ford" "Patricia Rose Ford"Pastels - After a career as a social worker, Patricia now has the opportunity to chase her dream of painting, painting, and more painting.  As a landscape painter, she loves the great outdoors, and particularly the scenes of the southwestern desert.  Currently her passion is painting with pastels in “plein air”.  She loves being out doors in nature, looking at a beautiful scene, and translating her emotions of what she sees onto the paper.   Her hope is that she is able to relay in her paintings the feelings of joy and tranquility that has when painting them.    She truly feel blessed to have the opportunity to do what she loves best, painting, painting and more painting. Website: patriciaroseford.com Blog:  fineartbypatriciarose.blogspot.com/
Patty Hayden


Joanna Mersereau Joanna MerserseauWatercolor – Joanna Mersereau, 55-year resident of Riverside, is showing her watercolors in “Art, for Heavens Sake”  October 15 through 19, 2010, at 168 Bellevue Avenue, Redlands, CA. In the Inland Empire Mersereau is the only artist to have achieved signature status in the prestigious American Watercolor Society, winning awards in both it and Watercolor West. Mersereau finds that travel inspires her paintings, with jaunts to Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal, France, sites in California and Arizona. The Missions in California intrigued  her, and after visits to each one, and to the birthplace of Fathers Serra in Majorca, Spain, she wrote and published an historical novel, “Coyote and the Gods of Wood”.  The book contains twelve of her paintings as illustrations. “Narrative structuralism” is the term she calls her present style. In it arcs enclose various shapes, structures are transparent, perspective is almost nonexistent, symbols are used for familiar objects, and representation is carried  almost to semi-abstraction. Information about Mersereau can be reached at her website: JoannaMersereau.com E-mail joannamersereau@dslextreme.com
Paul Muckenfuss Watercolor/pastel
Tomi Olson Tomi OlsonOil/Acrylic  After a career in healthcare, Tomi  is finally able to devote more time to her painting in oils and acrylics.  She came to California from the Midwest by way of Hawaii, where she was stunned by the rich colors in the ocean and the native flora and fawna.  Her sense of color was further developed with the help of Gloria Foss of the Foss School of Fine Art in the islands.  Gloria prodded Tomi to “take a chance” with color.  Study with a number of California artists has contributed to her style.  Today, Tomi’s work is in international collections and locally, at the Redlands Community Hospital gallery. Prolific as a young painter, Tomi once again works routine painting into her busy schedule. More examples of her work may be found at tomiolsonartist.com    
Ginger Pena Ginger PenaVarnished Watercolor - Working in watercolor on watercolor canvas, Ginger paints ‘en plein air’ like the French and California Impressionists she admires.  Each completed painting receives several coats of varnish and the result is a durable work that can be hung like an oil painting, without mats and glass. Although she has taken several watercolor and art history classes over the years, Ginger is primarily self-taught.  She owes her development as an artist to her dedication to painting from life and to the study of the works of great artists such as Claude Monet, Andrew Wyeth, Granville Redmond, George Innes and the many others whose works awe and inspire her. Recent awards include Honorable Mention in the Open Air Art For Open Space Show, co-sponsored by the Redlands Art Association and the Redlands Conservancy, May 2010; the Juror’s Choice Award in the Multi-Media Mini Show, Redlands Art Association, April 2010; Third Place in the City of Tustin Plein Air Competition, Old Town Tustin, October 2009; and First Place in the Redlands Conservancy’s Open Air Art for Open Space Show, Redlands Art Gallery, November 2008. gingerpena.com, paintingthezanja.blogspot.com
Bonnie Rinier Bonnie RinierWatercolor/acrylic/pastel -Bonnie Rinier became interested in art by the age of seven.  Her teacher in elementary school praised her drawing of a swan and a lily pad that was drawn and colored with crayons.  Her teacher’s influence gave her a desire to continue drawing and painting.  She’s been drawing and painting ever since! Bonnie has experience in oil painting, acrylics, and watercolor with watercolor being her favorite.   “To me, it’s the most relaxing.” Animals are her favorite subject but she also paints landscapes and flowers.  Thankful for the abundant beauty around us, her desire is to paint God’s creation with the abilities God has given her. You can find more examples of her work at her web site.  http://brinier.fineartstudioonline.com
Duncan Roseme Duncan RosemeAcrylic - Duncan Roseme started painting in 1972 while he was living in New York.  He was raised in Haiti, and was inspired by a few well-know Haitian artists who lived near his school.  He began selling his paintings as a street artist and then had the opportunity to participate in art shows in Japan, Spain, and other countries as well as Africa.  For the last eight years he has primarily been selling his work at Venice Beach and at the Palm Springs Village Fest in California.
Sandy Simmons Sandy SimmonsWatercolor-Sandy’s watercolor paintings capture a sense of serenity and peaceful contemplation, with the drama of rich color, texture, shadow and light.  Her scenes of missions, benches, statuary, and Spanish architecture remind viewers of less troubled times in a less complicated world.  Being a self taught artist from rural Southern Illinois, Sandy moved to California in the mid-1980s and began working in a law firm in downtown Riverside, where she began her first attempts with watercolor media, painting what she saw everyday—Riverside’s “local color.”  Having previously painted with oils and acrylics, she quickly realized the intrigue, spontaneity and exciting challenge of watercolor.  Sandy exhibited for many years at the Art-A-Fair Festival in Laguna Beach and attends the annual Paint Yosemite workshops in Yosemite Valley.  Her artwork can be found at www.sandywc.com
Ross Thrasher Ross ThrasherAcrylic/spray paint/pencil drawing- Ross grew up recently and has been interested in art throughout his life. He discovered his affinity for painting in the summer of 2009 at his grandmother's house, where he had his first experience with canvas. Ross draws some of his inspiration from his grandmother's work.  In his pencil art, he tries to express his subconscious through a surrealist style.  Ross tries to use spray paint on canvas in a way he considers unconventional to the medium.   At a recent art show at his high school, Ross received a first place ribbon for abstract pencil drawing and a third place ribbon in the mixed media category.  Ross hopes his exhibit in this show will give him a start in the art world.
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Artist Description
Karen Coates Photography
Joe DiGregorio

Joe DiGregorioPhotography -Artist-photographer Joe DiGregorio is known throughout the region for his imaginative "modern impressionism photographs," which he creates through a combination of camera technique and computer software.  Joe’s photographs accurately capture the wide range of color and intensity levels found in real life. His photographic images not only “depict scenes,” they “convey moods and emotions” reminiscent to many people of impressionism paintings.  Joe's colorful images, which include local landmarks as well as scenes throughout California, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico, are familiar to attendees of local art shows and exhibitions, They have been displayed in museums and other public buildings, as well as in private collections, throughout the Inland Empire, including Redlands, San Bernardino, Riverside, Corona, and Temecula.  His dramatic image entitled “Mt. Rubidoux” was featured as the front cover of the Riverside County 2009 calendar. Joe’s modern impressionism photographs have also taken top honors at photo competitions in the region.

Noah Sforza Noah SforzaPhotography - Noah Sforza has been surrounded and exposed to music, dance and art since the day he was born. The influence is unmistakable and shows in his passionate and emerging photographic style. After acquiring his first camera, he was well on his way, recording his corner of the world as seen through his eyes and lens. In the short time that Noah has been a photographer, he has been sponsored in his first gallery opening, displayed his photos at a local coffee shop and has assisted professional photographer Cesare Bonazza.
Judith Sparhawk

Judith SparhawkPhotography - Redlands photographer Judith Sparhawk is well-known for her beautiful Redlands scenes, her intricate dimensional collages, and her unique close-up photography.  She has recently taken her art to new levels, working with photo art techniques to create interesting and beautiful special effects.  She is especially intrigued by color, line and patterns, which is reflected in her work. She has had her work accepted into juried exhibitions, and has won numerous awards in the last ten years.  Her work hangs in many homes and businesses in the local area.  She has published two books of her photographs, and has had her photographs published in two anthologies and in two calendars.  She is past President of Redlands Art Association and Redlands Camera Club.

Steve Wormser Photography
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Artist Description
Kathleen Bryan

Kathleen BryanPottery - After dabbling in photography and painting, Kathleen Bryan developed a passion for pottery five years ago and hasn't looked back.  A retired judicial officer who now works as a mediator, she finds the clay to be “sensual, exhilarating, playful and maddening all at the same time.”  Her wheel-thrown pottery is both functional and decorative and reflects a love for the Southwest.  Best know for her horsehair pieces in which random designs are burned onto a pot by applying horsehair, she also has a line of decorative Raku places.  Her glazed patters, bowls and cups can be displayed or used as serving pieces.

Mike and Judy Cramer Mike and Judy CramerPottery
Harvey Erdle Harvey ErdlePottery - Harvey Erdle is an award winning artist who has been making Mimbres black and white pottery for the last 15 years. A Spear pottery is mainly sold in New Mexico but is made in Riverside, California. Mr. Erdle has a BA in Art from Cal State Fullerton and teaches at Riverside Community College and La Sierra University. Mimbres pottery is highly collected and the originals are worth up to four hundred thousand dollars per piece. Mr. Erdle enjoys making these beautiful works of art affordable and accessible to everyone.    
Caroln Carrera Kilgore Pottery
David Poras

David PorasPottery-  Dave concentrates on functional, hand thrown pottery using porcelain clay.  His shapes are unique interpretations of functional ware.  Dave has been influenced by his first college professor, Robert Karlinsey of Loyola University and by Tom Coleman, a nationally recognized ceramic artist known for his functional work and three dimensional art pieces. Dave’s “education” continued as a production potter in a factory throwing eight hours a day.  He also worked as a studio potter in Play Del Rey, California. Dave has been a practicing attorney for twenty years but has retained his love for ceramics.  He proudly proclaims that Monday through Friday he is an attorney and Saturday and Sunday he is a potter.  Dave enjoys demonstrating throwing on the wheel.

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Artist Description
Lynn Mudd Lynn MuddCeramics -  "Ceramics utilizes all four elements of earth, water, air, and fire to produce a finished piece. For me the process is as much the art as is the end result." Born in London, England, Lynn was first exposed to pottery in high school and immediately found the cool, damp texture of clay both invigorating and calming. Many college art classes later, and after a detour into a photography career, seven years ago Lynn returned her focus to clay and its endless possibilities. Working in both stoneware and porcelain, her work is comprised of art pieces, functional work and sculpture. Pieces are both wheel-thrown and hand built, often a combination of both. She is fully involved in the process from start to finish, developing glazes and firing all of her work in her studio. Visit Lynn at muddwoman.com
Dan Romero

Metal Sculpture

Marijke Terwisscha van Scheltinga Marijke Terwisscha van ScheltingaCeramics/Sculpture- Marijke was Born in the Netherlands, where she attended art school studying painting, drawing and textile techniques. After moving to Florida, she took a local pottery class and has been hooked on clay ever since.  Marijke experiments with different types of pottery making, and enjoys using clay to express herself as well as to profess her love for nature, particularly the landscapes and animals of the American west including California where she now lives. Marijke is a member of the Muddy Parrots, a potters group based in Mentone, Ca, Yucaipa Potters guild, the Redlands Art Association and the Riverside Art Association. Internationally, her work was exhibited in a gallery in Gorinchem, The Netherlands.
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