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Sunday 10:30 AM
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Contemplative Worship Service
Sunday 8:00 AM

9/11 And The Sport Of God
by Bill Moyers

Zach Wahls at RUCC
March 11, 2012
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Shared on Sunday June 28, 2009
written and offered by Oliver Sutter


Good morning
Welcome it the RUCC where all are welcome
As we gather here today  let us be grateful for  this time when we come together as a church family.  The wide world often feels like a great jostling  crowd…but in here the din ebbs away and we can slow down and refocus.   From the safety of the presence we feel with each other  let us feel in that calm, the presence of God…to pick up and sense that healing spirit.  As we worship together today let us remember…
We have arrived…we are home.


Spirit of Love, Spirit of Truth,
Guide us as we pray, as we worship, as we live
To think, to hope, to act
As we feel your presence
As naturally as our own breath
To think with empathy
To hope in loving kindness
And to act for healing peace
Let us be guided to that open space in our hearts
Where our mind responds to your love
In Jesus’ name


guide us to use this offering wisely
to make positive impacts in your world for
building understanding, cultivating peace, creating love, and forging social justice
thank you

guide us to use this offering wisely
to make positive impacts in your world for
building understanding, cultivating peace, creating love, and forging social justice
thank you

Shared on Sunday April 19, 2009
written and offered by Denise Cain


In September 1969, U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson announced that in the  spring of 1970 there would be a nationwide grassroots demonstration on the environment; thus "Earth Day" was born.  We gather here days prior to  the 39th anniversary on Wednesday celebrating our interaction with and  influence eon the environment.  Our inter-dependence with Mother Nature is well demonstrated in the writings, lifestyle, and philosophy of the ancient Celts, the American Indians, the Jedi, and Hobbits.  While we number significantly less then the 20 million celebrants back in 1970, our commitment and concern for the world around us is just as potent.   Welcome to Worship.


God, creator of the earth, air, and oceans, we come before you this  morning like the ancient Celts and our American Indian kinsman who  championed their relationship with nature.  Imprint into our minds the  Indian Proverb to "Treat the earth well for we do not inherit the  Earth from our Ancestors; we borrow it from our Children."  We humbly  ask this morning from you who clothes the flowers of the field and  feeds the birds of the sky, who leads the lambs to pasture and the  deer to water, who multiplied loaves and fishes and turned water into  wine; lead us, feed us, and change us until we reflect the glory of  our Creator through all eternity. Amen


God of the earth, air, water, and all living things that dwell here,  accept the gifts of time and finances brought by those assembled this  morning.  Use them in the furtherance of your message of unity, peace,  and harmony with each other as well as with your creation the earth  where we live.  Amen

Shared on Sunday April 12, 2009
written and offered by Loring Fiske-Phillips

Call to worship

You are invited to participate … in resurrection. Not a distant event, not an event we only read about, not an event in concept only, but truly resurrection! Today. Here. Now. The stone covering the tomb is large and heavy, an obstacle that seems to be insurmountable. But you are invited to experience … resurrection. Your stone might be the loss of a job, but you can find … resurrection. Your insurmountable barrier might be the death of a loved one, but you can feel the comfort … of resurrection. Your heavy barrier might be alienation from your family, but you are welcome here … in resurrection. You might feel a blockade from prejudice and hatred, but there is an extravagant welcome … in resurrection. You may even feel your faith has died, but God is calling you. Raising you. Today. Here. Now. The stone is rolled away. Your life can be … resurrection.


Gracious, loving God: You are the power behind the resurrection. No matter how great our barriers, no matter how heavy our burdens, no matter how deep our despair, you lift us into your loving presence and fill us with hope. And while we may peer timidly into the tomb, feeling confusion and fear at the empty space we see there, come among us with your warmth and light as we open ourselves to your living presence. Just as death has no hold on you, remind us that the burdens and disappointments of life have no hold on us. We feel the liberty of resurrection as we pray together:

God to enfold us, God to surround us;
God in our speaking, God in our thinking;
God in our life, God on our lips;
God in our souls, God in our hearts. Amen.

Prayer of Dedication:

God, take these gifts of heart and hands,
Use them well throughout all the lands.
We know that all we have is yours,
And share it unto distant shores.
Yet close to home are problems still,
We share your love and peace fulfill.
As generous as we have been,
A nagging doubt lingers within.
We wonder if you ask for more,
The answer comes within our core.
You ask for everything we’ve sown,
In turn, you’ll give us, each our own.
Willingly, we give, each our heart,
We know that as we soon depart,
We are your earthly reflection,
Help us be the resurrection.

Shared on Monday December 24, 2007
by Patrick Ioakimedes

God, we speak with you, grateful for your most intimate presence. Thank you that you truly understand each one of us and are able to meet us at the place of our deepest needs. We left the needs of our hearts to you and take time to breathe; reflecting on how each life giving breath is a powerful sign of your life giving purpose inherent in each one of us and in all people. Thank you for this purpose and for providing everything needed to see it to fulfillment. Help us to perceive with hope and patience when we face challenges to our awareness of your purpose. And, help us to be more and more synchronistically attuned to your empowering nourishment at work in us and the world. We pray to you our God. Amen.

God, we thank you for this and all opportunities to dedicate our energy and resources to your uplifting work. Help us as individuals and as a church to be ever-more effective in our abilities to see and take the different opportunities we have to help nourish and heal this world. Guide us in abilities to be supportive of one another, working as a healthy body. We lift our hearts up to your holy purpose. Amen.

Shared on Sunday April 1, 2007
Call to Worship

Welcome. We are here today a blessed and a pilgrim people.

Come into this space. Here is an oasis. Lighten the load of your journey. Shake off the dust of the trail. Review your spiritual map or Global Positioning device. Take a reading. Re-chart your course.

Come and worship.


Holy One,

We feel your gaze upon us and sense your ears are open to us.

At times we are bewildered and confused. We hurt. We hurt others. We don’t know what to do or where to go. We see no path for us. We see so many paths we cannot decide which to take.

Help us to be open to you and to be discerning. And on our journey, do not allow us to merely pretend to care for others.

Help us to be genuine and sincere with all we meet. 

Be with us.


Shared on Sunday February 11, 2007
written and offered by Loring Fiske-Phillips

Can you hear me now? … Good!

Have you ever tried to use your cell phone in an area with poor reception and had to move around trying to get a better signal? Move closer to a window, move higher on a hill, move around the other side of the building. Well, God’s voice is not limited by obstructions. God doesn’t call us from an unknown place, asking us to move a little closer, climb a little higher, get a little better before we’re worthy of being in God’s presence. God joins us right here, right now, in this place. Then when God calls us to new locations, new people, new ministries, God makes the journey with us. To the prisons … to the Gulf Coast … to Nashville … to Washington , DC … to Mexico … and many other places. God goes with us. And then with no static, no dropped calls, no wrong numbers, God tells us that “No matter who you are or where you are on life's journey, you are welcome here.”

Oh God,

We call on you to help us hear your voice, to help us see your face, to help us feel your presence. We are so thirsty, that we will wander for miles looking for water. In many places in our lives, we feel the dryness of the desert. We are parched for compassion, for righteousness, for justice. When all the time, your living water is right beneath us and raining over us … we can drink so deeply that we will never be thirsty again. Amen.

Shared on Easter Sunday, 2006
written and offered by Lisa Dewey

Loving God, we offer these and many other gifts to you, and it's right and it's good that we do so. These gifts stem from you. Yet there is something more you long for, something that only we can give to you. Father God, Mother God, you make a place at your table and ask us to stay a while. To bask in your love, which is more expansive than the universe, more tender than an orange blossom, enticingly mysterious. On this Easter Sunday, and every day, help us to stay in your presence. Help us to feast in your hall. Amen.

The Gifts Within Us
Art Show Sunday

Call to Worship:

Arranged in our midst this morning are pieces of art which represent our artist’s creative gifts working with wood, earth, metal, paint, glass, and plastic; however, the list of gifts this represents is incomplete.

To it we must add: tolerance, patience, perseverance, vision, music, language, mathematics, spatial, friendship, listening, acceptance, freedom, and many more.  This morning, let us come together and celebrate both the tangible and the intangible gifts all of us bring to share with each other.


Creator God, You have blessed each of us with unique and wonderful gifts necessary to play important parts in your divine plan.  In addition to each person’s gifts, provide us with the situations, courage, and stamina necessary for those gifts to shine and reflect your glory through us. Amen


Thank you God for the tangible and intangible gifts you give us and accept these gifts from your children.  Bless all of the gifts presented this morning both in the pews and in the plates.  In Christ’s name we ask, Amen.

Gorsedd Prayer
by Iolo Morgannwg

Grant, O Great Creator, your shelter,
and in shelter, strength,
and in strength, understanding,
and in understanding, knowledge,
and in knowledge, the knowledge of justice,
and in the knowledge of justice, the love of it,
and in that love, the love of all beings,
and in the love of all beings, the love of God.

- Shared in worship, August 4, 2005